Studio Technologies reveals Model 5401 Dante Master Clock

Studio Technologies has released the Model 5401 Dante Master Clock, which provides precise timing signals for applications that utilise Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology.

The unit implements a high-performance IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) server, compatible with the requirements of Dante and capable of simultaneously supporting the timing needs of up to hundreds of Dante-compatible devices.

The Model 5401 provides the PTP v1 compatibility required by Dante, as well as supporting PTP v2 for AES67 applications. In addition, the unit generates up to eight sine-wave audio tones on Dante transmit (output) channels, useful during audio network installation, maintenance, and operation. A clock input connection allows the Model 5401 to synchronise with a variety of timing reference signals.

The Model 5401 has an accurate and stable internal oscillator, and can be “locked” to a variety of external signals for integration into facilities that include a master timing reference. Compatible signals include word clock, video sync, and 10 MHz sine-wave.

Word clock, typically 48 kHz, is often used in audio-only facilities and is compatible with the Model 5401’s sync input. Video reference (“sync”) signals are found in broadcast, post-production, and entertainment facilities. The Model 5401 supports the most-common video format/rate combinations including “black burst,” bi- and tri-level HD, and several that are specific for 4K applications.

The Model 5401 can generate eight separate sine-wave tones, each configurable in level and frequency. The tones are digitally-generated in hardware that is separate from that associated with the unit’s PTP functionality. This allows the Model 5401 to perform its timing tasks without risk of interruption due to conflicting resource demands.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet (“GigE”) network interfaces allow the Model 5401 to support switched, redundant, and split Dante operation. An integral web server allows simple monitoring and configuration of the unit’s clock, audio tone, and general Dante performance. Front-panel indicators, LCD display, and pushbutton switches provide personnel with direct access to key operating parameters. The Model 5401 can be powered by AC mains or 12 volt DC. When both are connected, redundant power operation is supported. Its lightweight enclosure mounts in one space (1U) of a standard 19-inch rack.