Studiomaster publishes details of patented power amp technology

Studiomaster has announced that the details of its new Class AD Polyphase proprietary amplifier are available on its website.

The new amplifier design was first announced at this year’s Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt and is now available as a technical document. The technology is said to provide for “major improvements in sound quality, efficiency and power density over current Class D designs”. A highlight of the amps topology is the integration of a Studiomaster patented ‘polyphase’ output stage. This has been designed as a means to achieve the equivalent sonic performance of a pure analogue design and greater efficiency than a Class D amplifier, thus enabling better sounding, more compact devices and power circuit integration.

Head of R&D Paul Belcher stated: “Innovation has always been at the heart of Studiomaster’s R&D, from the very beginnings of the company and developments like this demonstrate that that is still very much the case. We are already developing new designs that exploit this new amplifier technology across a range of product categories.”

The full document can be read here: