Suffolk New College benefits from Audient ASP4816

An Audient ASP4816 analogue mixing desk has been installed at Suffolk New College as part of a recent upgrade to the studio used by its Music Technology students.

The console forms an integral part of the Music Technology course, teaching Level 2 and two years of Level 3 Diploma students.

“Our department consists of industry professional engineers, composers, producers and DJs teaching a range of different Music Technology specialisms, with industry-standard equipment and facilities,” explained course leader Craig Shimmon, who’s very pleased with the arrival of the new desk. “All in all approximately 60 Music Technology students will have hands-on access to the studio, with a further 60 music performance students benefiting from being recorded.”

“My background is in the studio so I can appreciate good workmanship,” Shimmon added. “The other lecturers have commented on the superior build quality and the clean preamps; the layout is a dream to teach with.”

Along with all the key features of a large console in a compact and ergonomic form, the ASP4816 features in-line architecture – ideally suited for teaching signal flow – which fits perfectly at Suffolk New College.

“I love the in-line faders,” remarked Shimmon. “With previous desks we have had to use Mix B pots or split the desk which can be confusing. Teaching with the Audient console just makes it a whole lot easier. This coupled with the ability to route different channels to different tape outs makes this a very powerful machine!”

The new console helps New Suffolk College work towards meeting its strategic aim, “to provide high quality learning and teaching, and gain recognition as an excellent and innovative provider.”