Suite solve loudness monitoring issues with RTW TouchMonitor

London-based production house Suite has purchased an RTW TouchMonitor TM9 for loudness monitoring.

The facility, which has to meet new programme delivery requirements for Sky Television that include the EBU R128 loudness standard, was provided with the device by Aspen Media. The TM9 comes with multichannel capability plus loudness and SPL measurement, and will be operated by sound engineers Simon Wright and Matt Baird in Suite’s 5.1 Pro Tools studio.

Chief engineer Jim Merrett, who instigated the purchase, explained: “I first saw the TouchMonitor at IBC last year and we became seriously interested in it after having a hands-on session at the Aspen Media Technology Day last November.

“We borrowed the TM9 for a week and were particularly impressed by its flexibility. We could arrange the instruments as we wanted them on the screen and we liked the idea that we could upgrade with extra audio measurement tools as and when we needed them. But right now it’s the loudness monitoring that’s essential to us.”