?Survivor? and ?Celebrity Apprentice? use JBL CBT Series

New York-based Firehouse Productions has supplied Harman’s JBL CBT Series loudspeakers for use on CBS’ Survivor and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice reality TV shows.

With both shows requiring a loudspeaker option that could provide vertical coverage patterns whilst remaining discreet, Firehouse Productions opted for JBL’s CBT 50LA – a compact, 50cm-high column, which utilises a straight line of eight two-inch drivers.

Dan Gerhard, audio mixer for both shows, stated, “The CBT 50LA is perfect for a set where unobtrusive monitoring of dialogue is required.” Gerhard was able to keep the speakers visually unobtrusive on both sets by attaching them to the palm trees on the set of Survivor, and attaching them to a vertical window frame on Celebrity Apprentice.

“The tightly controlled pattern is ideal in reducing unwanted reflections from nearby scenery, but also throws intelligibility for some distance,” Gerhard added. “By placing the columns at head level, the speakers project the high-quality sound that we were looking for.”

“Other solutions do not have the pattern control that the CBT’s do,” added Mark Dittmar, Lead Design and Integration engineer at Firehouse Productions. “They also help with feedback and eliminate any problems we’ve had in the past. It really is a spectacular solution and a unique way to use the CBTs.”

Even when used with a lapel microphone, “there is concise phase coherence at low levels, making them perfect for television studio purposes,” Gerhard added.

“It’s great that the CBT’s can be used for this application and really shows their versatility and ability to provide direct, accurate and high-quality sound,” Dittmar concluded.

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