Symetrix expands DSP lineup with Solus NX series

Symetrix has announced the latest additions to its DSP lineup: the open architecture Solus NX series.

Designed to serve in standalone DSP applications not requiring Dante network audio, Solus NX provides the same DSP power and delay memory as Symetrix’ Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs.

Solus NX is ideal for small to large installed sound environments, handling DSP-intensive processing, routing and delay in complex environments, automixing, paging, zone mixing, routing and distribution, mic/line processing, AGC, room combining, and more.

The series includes the Solus NX 4×4, 8×8 and 16×8, the models differing only in their number of analogue audio inputs and outputs. All three feature a high-resolution graphic OLED which displays system status and metering, with onboard GPIO and a single push-button to navigate menus.

Solus NX also offers integration with Symetrix’ award-winning Composer CAD based design software. Now integrators need only to be familiar with a single programming platform to manage all Symetrix open-architecture DSPs, including Solus NX, Radius, Prism and Edge.

Composer’s Remote Control Manager provides a central hub for all aspects of control, listing every parameter in the site file, with filtering options that make locating and assigning a parameter quick and easy. Additionally, an embedded server enables metering and diagnostics support, while providing integrators the tools to monitor any Composer-designed system by simply launching a web browser and entering a specific unit’s IP address.

User control was top-of-mind in designing the Solus NX Series, as Mark Ryals, Symetrix director of marketing explained: "Our customers demand flexible and intuitive user control options. We have them covered with the Solus NX Series: the convenience of zero-cost ARC-WEB to control volume, mute, source selection and other important parameters of sound systems from smartphone and tablet web browsers; the flexibility and utility of the entire line of low cost ARC wall panels, including the universal mount ARC-3; and support for SymVue, our runtime application for Windows that enables design and testing of GUIs without low-level coding.

“Last but not least, we offer a stable, human-readable control protocol for programming third-party touch-control systems such as AMX and Crestron."

Dane Butcher, Symetrix founder and CEO, added: "The level of control and DSP processing power that is harnessed in the Solus NX series will serve our customers well. Design and commissioning of robust audio processing along with user control device integration has never been easier or more cost effective."