Symetrix launches new Dante I/O expansion devices

Symetrix has launched three new products designed to allow integrators to quickly and easily add extra inputs and outputs to their SymNet DSP systems.

The first, Symetrix xIn 4, is an audio input expander for SymNet Dante-scalable systems featuring four mic/line inputs with +48 VDC phantom power. Likewise, Symetrix xOut 4 is an audio output expander featuring four line outputs, designed to capitalise on the surplus processing power of a SymNet Edge or Radius DSP to bring overall system costs down.

The third new device, Symetrix xIO 4×4, is an audio input/output expander for SymNet systems sporting four mic/line inputs, including +48 DVC phantom power, and four line outputs.

All three are configured using SymNet Composer software, thereby eliminating any requirement for hardware DIP switches, front panel menus or third-party software. Featuring the performance specifications of SymNet Edge & Radius DSPs, the products come supplied with PoE injectors whilst rack mount and surface mount kits are sold separately.

In order to aid seamless configuration of the newly-released devices, Symetrix has also released an update to its SymNet Composer software. Version 4.1 expands on the previously-announced integration of Shure, Audio-Technica, Attero Tech and Stewart Audio products to also include British microphone manufacturer Clockaudio and its CDT100 mic-to-Dante interface product, which has features including LED powering and microphone motor control.

“The new xIn, xOut & xIO options increase a system’s analogue input and/or output channel capacity, resulting in a reduction in overall price per channel,” commented Brooke Macomber, managing director, global sales and marketing at Symetrix. “Half-rack form factors help integrators conserve rack space. If preferred these devices can be surface-mounted. They bring a further dimension of usability to the SymNet range and strengthen our goal of making integrators’ lives easier.”