Symetrix unveils new additions to Dante DSP family

Symetrix has announced the launch and immediate availability of its Prism digital signal processing platform.

Joining the manufacturer’s line of Dante-enabled DSPs, Prism has been developed to deliver cost-efficient, high-powered networked audio processing for a wide range of installed sound applications.

Prism is comprised of four products, varying only in I/O count and form factor: Prism 4×4 features four inputs and four outputs, power over Ethernet (PoE+) and a compact ½ rack format; Prism 8×8 (8 in, 8 out), 12×12 (12 in, 12 out) and 16×16 (16 in, 16 out) utilise an external power supply along with a 1U form factor. DSP, analogue audio and converter technologies are identical in all four products.

It features the same digital signal processing power, mic preamps and AD/DA converters as Symetrix’ award-winning Radius and Edge products, delivering ‘exceptional sound quality’, while providing expansion via 64 channels of bi-directional Dante networking.

Integrators can customise, connect, and configure Prism using Symetrix Composer – a Windows-based CAD program – and control it via Symetrix ARC wall panels, the ARC-WEB browser-based interface and third-party touchscreens. An embedded web server enables remote audio metering and diagnostics of Prism hardware, and it also comes with an easy to read OLED display, while Symetrix ARC, Dante and Ethernet ports are standard issue.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Prism,” commented Dane Butcher, founder and CEO of Symetrix. “The Prism line-up enables more users to join the Dante ecosystem as it provides a straightforward audio DSP solution that is flexible and cost-effective for all manner of installations – commercial, corporate, house of worship, education, and government.”

Butcher also noted the "dramatic increase” in demand for Dante-based networking over the past couple of years, and went on to say that “with Prism and compatible Symetrix I/O expanders and control products, integrators can deliver high performance systems at price points not even imaginable just a few short years ago."

“Drawing on Symetrix’ forty-year history as an audio signal processing innovator, Prism makes our award-winning DSP technology available to an even greater audience,” he continued. “With open-architecture flexibility, future expansion capability and top-notch sound quality, we are confident that Prism will be a go-to component in the integrator’s toolkit.”