Symphonic Acoustics launches Dual 8 2X8V studio monitor

Studio AV specialist Symphonic Acoustics has unveiled its new Dual 8V ultra high-end monitor. Designed for mixing and monitoring across a range of genres, each pair ship with a curated selection of power and DSP options.

“Our new Dual 8 system 2X8V monitors are perfect for rooms that require speakers capable of delivering large format sound pressure levels, but in a smaller form factor,” explains PK Pandey, founding partner of Symphonic Acoustics. “We worked in close collaboration with George Augspurger, John Storyk, WSDG Founding Partner, Grammy-award winning engineer Renato Cipriano and REDI Acoustics throughout the design process, and we feel that we have achieved the perfect balance of form and function in a cabinet that is just 13-inches wide.”

The sound signature of the 2X8V features an extended bass response, punchy mid-range and an extremely smooth high end, says Pandley, adding the midrange response the result of a refined horn design. “We are using a combination of different high-quality manufacturing materials and have made improvements in internal cabinetry design, particularly, how the horn is constructed.” 

Refinements were made to the cabinet in collaboration with George Augspurger. “This has resulted in improved sonic performance, with increased cabinet stability.”

The 2X8V monitoring system ships with a power and DSP package that can be customised and tuned to accommodate any listening environment, says Pandey. 

“During the testing phase we evaluated dozens of amplification and DSP systems, and at the end of the day, we wanted to work with the companies that we considered to be the most innovative and responsive to our needs.” 

The 2X8V is available in high gloss or matte finishes, and several colours including the brand’s signature Metallic Grey and Copper. Symphonic is also able to formulate custom colours to suit the aesthetics of any given environment and can facilitate soffit mounting if required.   

The Symphonic Acoustics 2X8V is a complement to the brand’s large format monitors, which can be heard in Paul Epworth’s Church Studios, Ann Mincieli’s Jungle City Studios and J.Cole’s Dreamville amongst others. 

Shipments begin in September.