Syntonic Design Group deploys Soundcraft consoles at SAP conference

Syntonic Design Group has deployed Soundcraft Vi6 and Vi1 digital mixing consoles at the annual SAP conference.

The premier business technology conference, held in Orlando, Florida, was led by Sapphire Now and ASUG, with Harman’s Soundcraft Vi6 digital console handling mixing, monitoring and distribution. Utilising MADI interface cards with Riedel RockNet connectivity, the Vi6 distributed lecture, presentation and address audio throughout three studios and multiple lecture halls.

A Soundcraft Vi1 was also used as the main mixing board for the conference’s Keynote Address. Syntonic Design Group, which is owned by Firehouse Productions, provided on-site audio services for the event. The Soundcraft consoles were supplied by Dave Zammit of Two Guys Audio.

The Vi6 was located in the broadcast studio of the Orange County Convention Centre as a central hub for audio distribution. Inside the venue, thousands of attendees filled multiple lecture halls, as well as the 7,000-seat area, where larger sessions took place. Every presentation and lecture was distributed to the Vi6 for final monitoring and mixing before being sent to various locations across the globe for translation. The challenge, according to Syntonic Design Group, was to ensure every piece was perfectly interconnected for ease of distribution. With the Riedel RockNet integration, the system was designed to offer more flexibility and interoperability than previously possible.

“This was quite a detailed project, where it was important to manage multiple sources to ensure our broadcast was perfect for the people attending the show and those around the world,” said Shelton Lindsay, consultant for Syntonic. “The connectivity was quite remarkable and with the SAP Conference’s success, we earned valuable information about interconnecting consoles, which will give us a greater edge in future projects.”

“This was a large space that required thousands of feet of cable to perfect the transmissions,” stated Donnie Smith, technical manager for the SAP Conference. “It was important to make sure we weren’t running three to four analog-to-digital-and-back-again transitions. The Vi6 made coordinating the event easy to monitor effectively. The console was the pivot point for the entire show.”

“Every piece of audio coming through the show was checked through the Vi6 and we were confident that all the content being distributed was of the highest quality,” Smith concluded.