T12 makes its debut at Europe?s biggest folk festival

dBTechnologies’ DVA T12 line array system made its debut at the Notte Dell Taranta festival tour.

Kicking off in the second week of August, the biggest folk festival in Europe attracted 230,000 visitors over two and a half weeks over 16 different cities.

Andrea Salvioli from dBTechnologies’ HQ in Bologna oversaw the set-up: “The T12 system was really easy to handle. Despite the size of some of the shows, we didn’t need that many modules, so the tear down and set up didn’t take too long,” he said.

“The smaller cities had an area of up to 200sqm where a staggering 10-15,000 people attended, whereas the larger cities’ squares were packed with up to 35,000 visitors,” continued Salvioli. “This also meant the dBTechnologies system had to be powerful enough to handle the larger venues, and yet not overwhelm at the smaller events.”

Describing how it worked, Salvioli added: “The main PA was incredibly flexible, comprising 2 x 6 DVA T12s in a cluster, at a height of 6.2 metres, with another T12 at either side of the front of the stage. These were combined with 8 x DVA S20 subwoofers with a SDD delay option in the centre in a cardioid configuration, which provided a huge sound where necessary. For the main stage we used a complete DVX system: 10 x D12, 5 x D15 and the monitoring for the drummer was made up of 1 x D15 coupled with a DVA S10.”

The festival, which is now in its 14th year, has firmly established itself as the biggest festival of its kind on the continent. Salvioli concluded: “We were really proud of how T12 fared at the marathon tour. The manager of this year’s event was really impressed too. He told me that previous shows had never sounded this good.”