Taiwanese church chooses MIPRO system

Sainte-Ode Catholic Church in Chiayi, Taiwan has been upgraded with an MA-303 wireless portable PA system from MIPRO.

The decision was made to invest in MIPRO, which has a headquarters just ten minutes away, after it was revealed the existing system at the venue, with its highly reverberant sanctuary and challenging acoustics, needed to be replaced.

Limited budget was a particular concern, according to MIPRO’s applications consultant Daniel Ku, who added that the system was chosen instead of alternative large or medium-sized active/passive speakers, as they would ‘surely ruin the aesthetics.’

After a careful on-site analysis, the compact, slim and lightweight was picked as the ideal solution.

"Total wireless solutions provided by MA-303 is unparalleled. Besides the tremendous time & cost savings, low-maintenance requirements it has expanded options," Ku commented. "Since MIPRO wireless PA can be powered by either AC or rechargeable battery, unlimited MA-303 can be added and installed effortlessly for both indoor and outdoor applications."

The new priest at Sainte-Ode, Father Pu Ying Hsiung, is impressed with the new set-up: “The seamless integration of the speakers into the décors was beautifully done and extremely low profile which was a major concern before the actual installation. The powerful yet clear sound quality and reduced feedback were clearly noticeable and pleasing to the congregation during Masses,” he said.

The 55-year-old church was the first of its kind to be built in the country and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in southern Taiwan, MIPRO says. Funded by an American woman, Lang Ode, and designed by a Mexican Father Francisco Borboa, the church was named after Ode in recognition of her contribution.

Featuring high ceilings and ornate glass, the house or worship had been closed for more than ten years until recently, due to ‘a lack of stable priests.’

The full list of MIPRO equipment now installed at the venue includes:

• Four MA-303S single-channel wireless portable PA speakers
• One ACT-312B dual-channel diversity receiver
• One ACT-312BT quad-channel diversity receiver
• One AD-707a four-channel antenna divider
• Four ACT-32H handheld transmitter microphones
• Two ACT-32T bodypack transmitters
• Two MU-53HN headworn microphones
• One MT-90A wireless interlinking transmitter