Take a 360-degree virtual tour of Real World Studios

Thanks to Google Maps, it’s now possible to take a look around the famous Real World Studios without having to leave your desk.

Founded by Peter Gabriel and located in a small village in South West England, Real World isn’t exactly on most people’s doorsteps and is not the easiest place to get to unless you’re coming by car, but I can tell you from my own recent experience that once you get there you’ll be glad you made the trip.

I’d certainly recommend heading down there at least once if you get the chance, but until then, a newly-launched 360-degree virtual tour experience will allow you to see what the facility has to offer before hopefully seeing it for real.

The tour begins in the impressive Big Room (pictured) and by using the arrows the user can manoeuvre themselves around the studio and the rest of the grounds.

To start your virtual tour of Real World, click here.

This is not the first time that a major UK studio has done something clever with Google though – Inside Abbey Road, a similar interactive experience, was also launched back in April.