Take That raise the bar in live sound

Take That’s Progress tour has utilised a sound system never before used at a live concert in the UK.

Whilst most of the headlines garnered by the group’s enormous Progress tour have revolved around the return of a certain Robbie Williams to the line-up, the eyes of the pro audio world are more likely to have been fixed upon the innovative system being given its UK debut.

The tour kicked off on Friday 27th May at Sunderland’s stadium of light. With a huge visual spectacle at the heart of the tour – a 60ft mechanical man surrounded by pyrotechnics and intricately choreographed dancers – one could be forgiven for failing to notice the importance of the pro audio element to the show.

This is partly due to the fact that the traditional delay masts used at large-scale concerts have now been replaced by a ring delay system, in order to provide audiences with an unobstructed view of the show’s visual centrepiece.

Capital Sound project manager, Martin Connolly, commented: “The system being deployed for Take That is immense and is the first time such a system has toured the UK. It features a delay ring system, as opposed to using the traditional 18mtrs delay masts, that ultimately become visual obstructions for many of the audience.”

A full report will follow later this month.