Tannoy delights diners at DiMaggio?s

Tannoy recently fulfilled the audio requirements for two restaurants belonging to DiMaggios Group, with the installation of its DVS series.

With two of the establishment’s top restaurants being completely refitted, audio consultant with Keachie Electronics, Bryce Keachie, was responsible for finding the right solution.

“We do all of DiMaggios Group’s audio, and have done for the past eight or nine years,” said Bryce. “The group own a chain of restaurants under different brands, and we have worked across a number of their establishments. When the project came up for Amarone in Edinburgh and Barolo Grill in Glasgow, we knew that we needed the most up to do date audio solutions available.”

Both restaurants are situated in very different surroundings, and the architecture and interior design of each meant that Bryce had to deploy some different solutions across the two establishments.

“In all restaurants, it’s always light background to medium foreground music, depending on what sort of events they might be having,” he said. “In Barolo Grill, there is a private room, which should the client want they can provide their own music, and that is restricted to their own room. However, the architecture of both places meant we couldn’t specify the same solution.”

For Aramone in Edinburgh, Bryce had to specify a speaker that could be surface-mounted, and that was economically viable. For this, he chose Tannoy’s new DVS Series, which is specifically designed for a variety of discrete small-to-medium scale sound reinforcement applications,

Bryce commented: “I had seen the new DVS range and was very impressed with the new design. Not only did they have outstanding acoustic ability, but they are an ideal choice for value-engineered projects too.”

Due to the point-source driver design, the DVS Series can be mounted vertically or horizontally, with the intention offering versatility where positioning is concerned, all of which gave Bryce more options when placing the units. He was then able to fully integrate the loudspeakers with the Camco amplification and Cloud z4 controller that was already part of the existing set up.

In Barolo Grill in Glasgow, the refurbishment meant that Bryce could look at an in-ceiling solution, and again specified Tannoy, this time opting for the CVS Series.

“Tannoy’s best-selling dedicated in-ceiling range, CVS Series, were an ideal choice as they were very aesthetically pleasing and also offered superior sonic ability within the space,” said Bryce. “In the end we used 16 CVS 6s and three CVS 4s, which gave us an ideal spread of coverage and flexibility.”