Tannoy VX Series installed at modern German church

Installation company Klartext has provided The Evangelische Kirche (Lutheran Protestant Church) of the parish of Wahrenholz in northern Germany with a brand new audio system featuring Tannoy’s new VX Series.

When specifying the system, Klartext’s sound reinforcement engineers were presented with a number of challenges, in that the system had to be able to cope with the requirements of a modern house of worship, which includes a variety of live music, and gospel events, alongside spoken word sermons.

The previous system, installed in the mid-1960s as a ‘speech only’ system, was not designed for such a multitude of purposes, so when the church had a gospel event, an external PA system had to be rented and set up. This method was both costly and labour intensive, and also spoiled the room’s aesthetic.

Due to its wooden construction, the room itself has good natural acoustics, with a reverb that sounds neutral over the acoustic spectrum. For this reason, the installation didn’t require beam-steering or line-array speakers to achieve a clear speech reproduction, but it still required something that would allow for an impressive music performance.

In February 2011, Klartext travelled to Wahrenholz to set up a testing system for a Sunday service, using Tannoy V 12s as the main speakers, supported by V 6 delay speakers and finished off with a VS 15 BP woofer placed near the altar. The test system was controlled by a TDX1 digital controller, the V 12 in stereo operation and the V 6 delay in mono setup (as the 4th output was used for the sub). Klartext used both AKG and Audio-Technica condenser microphones for different locations.

In the time between Klartext testing the V series and placing its order, Tannoy had also released its new VX Series, which was subsequently incorporated into the church’s system. But since the customer didn’t want to switch to different speaker types that had not been tested with the room, Klartext and Tannoy located two V 12s and two V 6s for the lower nave, and recommended the use of the new VX 6 for the galleries, meaning that the look of the new system was not spoilt by different speaker generations on the same floor.

Volker Gringmuth of Klartext commented: “We completed the installation within two days in late 2011, and since then, many sermons, music performances and gospel services have been held at The Evangelische Kirche, with the combination of both VX and V Series always performing perfectly to the customer’s fullest satisfaction. We fully expect more orders from that region, once the Tannoy’s show what an up-to-date system can sound like.”