Tascam introduces US-1×2 USB audio interface

Tascam has released US-1×2, a device that it describes as the ideal USB audio interface for entry-level users.

Small and lightweight with a user-friendly design, the new model features one microphone and one line/instrument input and an RCA unbalanced stereo analogue input as well as an RCA unbalanced analogue output.

It enables users to record or stream vocals and a single instrument or stereo source to the internet, or archive a cassette tape collection at up to 96 kHz/24 bit using virtually any major DAW software or recording app under Windows, macOS or iOS.

The US-1×2 features the company’s ultra-HDDA mic preamp with very low input noise and a high gain range of 57dB for dynamic mics as well as phantom power for condenser mics. Further features include latency-free direct monitoring, a headphones output with level control, stereo/mono input monitor modes and a mute switch on the software settings panel.

The interface can be operated in standalone mode for practice sessions when used with an external power supply, while a license for Cubase LE and Cubasis LE is also included.

The microphone preamp on the US-1×2 has a very low noise level with an EIN figure of –127 dBu, making it ideal for recording with condenser microphones. Users can also plug in an electric guitar or bass directly using the line/instrument input and use plug-in effects on DAW software, or connect any instrument amplifier’s line output to the line input of the US-1×2.