Tascam introduces VL-S5 studio monitor

Tascam has released the VL-S5 active studio monitor speaker.

The new model is suitable for home studios, and features a Kevlar 5 ¼in low frequency bass unit, a 1in silk dome high-frequency tweeter and a bi-amped design. Each driver is driven by its own amplifier, with 30W available for the tweeter and 40W for the bass unit. To remove unwanted phase distortion in the critical 1-2kHz range, where vocals and guitars are most prevalent, the crossover has been set at 3.2kHz.

The compact design of the VL-S5 makes it ‘perfect for any environment’, and the magnetically shielded design allows it to be placed near personal computers and video monitors without impairing performance.

With XLR and TRS balanced inputs available, users can connect the VL-S5 to a range of professional audio products while eliminating any external noise caused by other components in the signal chain, such as the electrical supply to audio components, room lighting or other sources.

The Tascam VL-S5 active monitors are available in the UK now priced at £110 each.