TASCAM to offer high definition monitoring with new TH-07

TASCAM has introduced the TH-07 high definition headphone monitors.

A premium headphone designed to duplicate the audio quality of high-end near field monitors, the TH-07 has been tuned for full but natural bass, flat mid-range, and clear high end and is suitable for mixing and monitoring duties.

The new headphones employ custom 50mm drivers, offering a 10 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response and sensitivity of 100 dB ±3 dB. Their closed-back design allows a full bass response while blocking out most external noise.

With its circumaural design and earcups of soft, pliable leather, the TH-07s are designed to remain comfortable over long sessions. The earcups can be rotated and angled for maximum flexibility and easy one-ear monitoring.

The TASCAM TH-07 comes with a leather carry bag and two detachable cables. One cable is coiled and shorter for low-clutter, short-distance work and has a 1/8-inch connector; the other is straight and longer (approximately 8½ feet) and has a multi-connector that accommodates both 1/8-inch and ¼-inch jacks. Both cables have gold-plated connectors.