The Audio Hunt switches focus to remote audio processing

Peer-to-peer audio gear sharing community The Audio Hunt has announced it will now focus exclusively on expanding remote processing opportunities in the music industry.

The change to the online service sees the firm move away from offering physical gear and instrument hire and, instead, pursue their vision of allowing anyone to connect their audio & MIDI to any piece of gear in the world through remote processing.

Earlier this year we ran a promotion offering free audio processing and re-amping through a range of great vintage gear,” said Stephen Bartlett, engineer, producer and CEO of The Audio Hunt. “In the wake of the campaign’s success, we realised that this was something that lots of people were interested in, and it was worth focusing on as a company.”

Users can create free listings of their audio gear on, which are searchable by anyone. Interested users can then make a booking to have their files processed through the gear.

Gear owners make income on the files that they process, and the website takes a small fee on each transaction for providing the service. Mixing and mastering engineers can also list their services for hire in the sites searchable listings.

“The analogue vs. plugins debate is so tiresome,” remarked James Morrell, the company’s CIO, “Sometimes if you have the money you buy a piece of gear, sometimes you hire gear, sometimes you use plugins, now there’s another choice. We’re proud to be offering a low-cost option to the mix and giving music makers another choice in how they create.”

“It’s a marketplace for people to be able to use within their existing music creation process, or try a range of gear before they make a purchase, or replace their plugin emulation with the real thing to hear the difference.” does have some gear available for remote hire starting at $5 a track including SPL Audio Iron, Universal Audio LA2A, Neve 1073 Original, Studer 807 two-track recorder and much more.

As an introductory offer, the company is also offering a guarantee on all bookings up to a value of $25.