The Audio Media International Team

Steve May

Steve May is a technology specialist who contributes to a variety of UK websites and publications. A former music journalist, Steve is also the inventor of the term 'goth' as in 'goth music'. True fact.

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Simon Lucas

Simon has written about audio for GQ, Tech Radar, The Guardian and edited What Hi Fi Sound and Vision. He has reviewed so many headphones and speakers, he (possibly) holds a world record for it.

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Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett has been involved in music production for over 30 years. Based in Norwich, he splits his time between writing books and articles on music technology, recording and touring, and lecturing on media and technology at the UEA.

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Jon Burton

Jon Burton has over thirty-five years of experience working as a sound engineer, primarily in live concert touring, for acts such as Radiohead, Stereophonics, Biffy Clyro and for fifteen years, The Prodigy. Jon is also a partner in a 5-studio recording complex, The Laundry Rooms, in Sheffield. With extensive live, studio and broadcast experience, Jon is also a Senior Lecturer in Entertainment Engineering at the University of Derby.

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Libby Plummer

Libby Plummer is a freelance tech and science journalist with nearly two decades of experience. She has worked in several national newsrooms and contributes to a wide range of publications including Wired, Total Film and Stuff.

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Mark Sutherland

Music industry columnist Mark Sutherland has been covering music and the music business for over 25 years. The former editor of Music Week and ex-global editor of Billboard is currently a freelance journalist and music industry consultant and has contributed to the likes of Rolling Stone, Time, The Times, The Telegraph, NME, Q and Kerrang!

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Sean Hannam

Sean Hannam has more than 20 years' experience working in the retail publishing, loves trucker hats and beards, especially his own.

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Andy Price

Andy was the editor of MusicTech magazine and website, and has been writing about music production, consumer audio and music history for the last decade. With bylines for Computer Music, MusicRadar, and Classic Pop.

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Dave Gale

Dave Gale is an EMMY award-winning media composer, producer and musician. He has scored and produced music for hundreds of hours of television, for all the major TV channels and networks. With interests in acoustic and electronic composition and production, he has adapted a recognisable style which melds together the use of acoustic instruments and synthesizers, with digital processing.

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Rosie Gray

Rosie joined Audio Media International as Partnerships Manager after 15 years of marketing at Disney and knows more about the Scissor Sisters than you.