The Blackout take Audio-Technica on the road

Welsh rock band The Blackout are using an array of vocal and instrument mics from Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite and 40 series for their recent live shows.

The band recently received three Kerrang award nominations for Best Band, Best Video and Best Album. Frontman, Sean Smith and Gavin Butler, use AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic microphones; AE2500 dual-element cardioid/condensor microphones are used on guitar cabinets; AE3000 cardioid condensers handle drum overheads, and an AT4047 is employed as snare drum resonance mic.

Front of house engineer Ben Hammond said: “I’m in an unusual position with The Blackout, having two very different frontmen to deal with. I have one guy screaming all the time, and one singing with a huge dynamic range – the AE6100 mics cope fantastically with those demands, and they stand up to everything that Gavin and Sean throw at them.

“The AE2500 is another personal favourite. It’s just a huge-sounding mic that overcomes any issues with phase coherence when miking guitars in a pressurised environment.”