The Chase uses CEDAR DNS 8 Live

For the seventh series of ITV game show The Chase, Sound Supervisor Adrian Harding-Jones has added a CEDAR DNS 8 Live to use as a mic noise suppressor.

The DNS 8 Live – which offers eight channels of background noise suppression and a Learn mode that simplifies and speeds set-up – was designed specifically for multi-microphone events such as quiz shows. These can suffer from both microphone spill and general background noise, and the overall sound quality can deteriorate markedly as microphones are added to the mix, leading to decreased intelligibility. By suppressing the spill and noise, the DNS 8 Live can greatly improve the sound quality and reduce the risk of feedback, even before techniques such as dynamic mic mixing are invoked.

On The Chase, Adrian Harding-Jones mixes eight radio mics, three stereo channels of music playback and two channels of VT.

The DNS 8 Live was supplied by rental company Terry Tew Sound & Light.