The Garden grows with SSL

The Garden, a mix and dubbing studio in Brooklyn, is increasing its business with a Solid State Logic AWS Hybrid Console/Controller. The studio, consisting of a large control room and drum kit-sized dubbing room, bridges the gap between in-the-box and out-of-the-box mix projects with the AWS as the centre of the operations.

“I’ve been in the studio business for more than 24 years but, with The Garden, I wanted to create a mixing studio that could handle the way contemporary artists create and record music,” said Drew Vogelman, owner and Mix Engineer for The Garden. “Workflow over the years has changed from all analogue and tape to completely DAW-centric, and everything in between. While there is a lot of talk in the industry about in-the-box versus out-of-the-box, it’s really about how you effectively maximise both worlds to get the best final sound. SSL really hit the nail on the head when they developed the AWS and our clients are pleased as well.”

In addition to the large control and dubbing/tracking room, The Garden offers a wide range of classic guitar amps in isolated booths in the basement of the facility.

“I have never been a big fan of guitar amplifier plug-ins on a DAW, so we equipped the studio with a range of 12 different classic amps in our basement isolation room,” stated Vogelman. “When we begin mixing, I route the dry guitar track through the AWS down to a select guitar amp, then bring the sound back into the AWS through a live microphone. What a difference! This re-amping process, as I call it, turns an okay, simulated guitar track into a monster track with all the grit, personality and nuance captured through the AWS. It is simple choices like these that make working with the AWS so valuable on every level. The AWS is literally the centrepiece of our business.”