The Noisettes choose Soundcraft Vi1 for festival tour

British pop group The Noisette’s have chosen a Soundcraft Vi1 digital console for their current festival tour.

Throughout the band’s summer festival tour they will be using the Vi1 for monitor mixing, along with a Soundcraft Compact Stagebox. “The challenges for our monitor engineer, Simon Panos, are quite demanding for this tour,” noted Bryony October, front of house engineer and production manager for the band. “We’re going out with a seven-piece band for this tour and every band member is using in-ear monitors. All of them are fantastic musicians who are seriously into their production values and they demand super hi-fi-sounding mixes.”

“The show requires all kinds of cues, and it’s complicated by the fact that there are five vocalists, all of whom want to hear different mixes and vocal effects,” continued October. “For example, Shingai really likes to hear her delay, but that can be distracting to some of the other vocalists. In order to pull this off, the sound from the in-ears has to be absolutely amazing – and the Vi1 is exceptional in this regard. On top of all that, I have to get a good mix for the delays for the front of house sound.”

“When the band was looking for a monitor console, the Soundcraft Vi1 was my first choice because of previous positive experiences with the Vi4 and Vi6 consoles for front of house,” concluded October. “I wanted something I knew inside and out, as we don’t always have the same monitor engineer at all of our shows. So, I need to be able to know what’s happening, even if I’m not manning the monitor console.”