The Space Project’s £14 million development gets green light

Manchester City Council has granted planning permission for a £14 million expansion of The Space Project, which will see the TV and film production studios double in size.

The development is expected to create 275 jobs and boost the local economy by nearly £10 million a year.

Across the 17-acre site in West Gorton, east Manchester, more than 90,000 sqft of new buildings will be added for TV and film production and related support activities, including a 30,000 sqft stage. This acoustically treated single storey building with air cooling and heating will have vehicle access from each end and offer purpose built dressing rooms, wardrobe and make up, a fully furnished green room, extensive Wi-Fi, furnished production offices, a kitchen, laundry facilities and showers.

Also included on site will be more than 6,000 sqft of offices and green rooms, 10,000 sqft for set construction workshops and a further 40,000 sqft of business units to rent for companies who supply to the TV production industry.

Susan Woodward, founder of The Space Project, said: “We are developing a further 3.5 hectares of land, literally on top of physical assets that drove the industrial revolution. It is fitting that we are building the next wave of Manchester’s industrial revolution, digital content, on a site that played such an important part in its industrial heritage. Although they are very different industries they are driven by the same ambitions – to be the best and provide new jobs and career opportunities for local people.

"The expansion of The Space Project will satisfy the nationally recognised demand for TV and film production stages as well as support space for the supply chain businesses, which will help grow the sector and allow Manchester to further develop its already prominent position within the UK for media production.”

Construction work is due to start on site in January, with completion expected to be in October 2017.