The University of Northampton installs Audient desk

An Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control (DLC) and patchbay was the final choice for The University of Northampton.

Boasting ProTools 11, Logic Pro X, Ableton Suite 9, the collection of mics from Neumann U87 to Shure SM57 and everything in between, as well as the recent arrival of the university’s brand new Eve Audio SC407 monitors (pictured), popular music course leader Dr Gordon Okafor-Ross praises the Audient desk as a teaching tool. “I liked the combination of great sounding pre-amps, a clear and easy to explain routing system that retains the ability to become as complex as we want, and a console that screams professional and contemporary to users, students, staff, and visitors.

“Our recording studio is a place where musicians have fun and enjoy recording so the Audient makes setting up for a session quick and exciting. Many other desks are so complicated that the actual recording session is a process of fighting your way through menus of other users’ preferences. With the Audient we have the immediacy of an analogue console with the next step into the DLC leading towards bespoke control surfaces.

“We’re using the desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week as a teaching and learning tool, as well as the students using it to record, mix and master.”