The world’s first recording machine to be displayed at AES convention in New York

This year’s AES show in New York will see The Audio History Library & Museum (AHL&M) display a range of vintage audio gear on Booth 650.

The AHL&M features product literature for over 2,000 audio companies along with vintage gear, and other historic audio artifacts.

On display will be the world’s first amplifier (mechanical) by Western Electric (circa. 1900), the world’s first earplugs, the world’s first straight-line tracking tonearm, tin-foil from the world’s first recording machine by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville of Paris (created 17 years before Thomas Edison) and much more.

“As ‘gear-heads’ by nature, seeing real, historic equipment is a joy to audio veterans and novices alike. That’s one reason why the Audio History Library & Museum was the most popular booth at the 2015 AES Convention. Attendees stood four-deep to see our showcase," said Lou Manno of the AHL&M.

“We are currently searching for a permanent home in the Heart of New York City for the Audio History Library and Museum and we hope AES attendees will help us with that search. The library’s vision and purpose is to re-introduce our multi-faceted audio industry to the public’s consciousness and a permanent home will enable everyone to enjoy our collections and benefit from a better understanding of our unique and fascinating history.”