Thom Russo installs ADAM Audio S3V monitors in his private studio

After extensive listening sessions with speakers made by various manufactures, producer and engineer Thom Russo has installed a pair of ADAM Audio S3V active monitors in his studio in LA.

Russo’s credits span from Tony Bennett to Macy Gray, Audioslave to Johnny Cash and Maná to Michael Jackson.

His production and mixing skills have won him three Grammy Awards and thirteen Latin Grammys, including Best Latin Pop album (Maná, Drama y Luz) in 2011 and Record of the Year (Juanes, Me Enamora) in 2008.

The S3Vs’ three-way design employs a 9” ELETM honeycomb woofer and 4” DCHTM, dome/cone hybrid for midrange in addition to ADAM’s signature S-ARTTM folded-ribbon tweeter.

“I’ve been an ADAM user for quite some time now." said Russo. "I guess it’s been a good ten or 15 years, and this is my third or fourth pair. I worked on the first two Audioslave records on ADAMs, and I believe my first pair was the S2.5A. Once you are accustomed to the fascinating ADAM tweeter response, I think it’s something that is hard to part from. It really works. 

“For my personal studio, this is my biggest speaker yet. They just continue my love affair with the ADAM sound. After doing some scrutinous rounds of listening at Vintage King and trying three or four other speakers in my studio, Scott Esterson from ADAM brought the S3Vs over and we dialled in an absolutely gorgeous curve. I’m hooked on the ADAMs. Discovering the perfect monitors is like making a great marriage, and now that I found them, I am certainly done with the world of speaker dating!”