Three new audio plug-in toolkits from Nugen Audio

NUGEN Audio has announced the release of three new product bundles: The Producer Pack, Master Pack, and Mix Tools. Each toolset comprises a custom selection of audio plug-ins to deliver functionality tailored to the specifics of each craft.

"We recognise the need to make customised solutions according to our clients’ requirements for each aspect of their production process. These new toolsets are unique solutions designed to encompass a much wider range of applications for music industry professionals. They incorporate our newly introduced plug-ins — MasterCheck SEQ-S and the latest version of Visualiser," said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, NUGEN Audio. "With Producer Pack, Master Pack, and Mix Tools, we’ve consulted hundreds of audio professionals and studied very meticulously how to meet the specific requirements of mix engineers and mastering pros while also providing high value."

Combining seven plug-ins, NUGEN Audio’s Producer Pack provides powerful tools for audio analysis, panoramic enhancement, low frequency control, pristine limiting, and EQ. These include the Visualiser, the ISL true-peak limiter, SEQ-S Equaliser, Stereoiser stereo image enhancement, Stereoplacer stereo-panner, Monofilter low-frequency management tool, and MasterCheck, a tool to demystify loudness-normalised playout on streaming services.

Master Pack assembles five plug-ins for low frequency management, stereo correction, pristine limiting, and a full suite of audio analysis tools and playout delivery measures. Master Pack plugins include Visualiser, ISL, MasterCheck, Stereoplacer, and Monofilter.

Mix Tools includes Stereoiser, Monofilter, and Visualiser for stereo image enhancement, bass management, and comprehensive audio analysis. Mix Tools offers mix engineers deeper control, sonic enhancement, and diagnostic support at any stage of the production process, leading to increased quality and efficiency in any project.