Thunder Audio adds L-Acoustics K2 to inventory

American sound reinforcement specialist Thunder Audio has expanded its gear line-up with L-Acoustics K2 technology.

The new system for Thunder Audio, which has just won Sound Company of the Year at the 25th annual Pollstar Awards in Nashville, consists of 36 K2 and six KARA variable curvature WST line source elements, eight K1-SB and 18 SB28 subwoofers, six ARCS II constant curvature units and ten LA-RAK touring racks – each housing three LA8 amplified controllers.

It is one of first K2 systems to be sold in the United States, and marks the start of a new relationship between Thunder Audio and the French firm.

Thunder’s company principals decided to invest in L-Acoustics after hearing K2 late last year at the manufacturer’s corporate HQ in Marcoussis, and feel the system has plenty of potential.

"In the past, we’ve always purchased large-scale systems based on the requirements dictated by a specific tour or application," said Thunder Audio vice president Paul Owen. "This is the first time, however, that we’ve taken delivery of a product purely from the standpoint of feeling in our gut that it will be a success. Given the overwhelming reputation of K1 – as well as the more than 20-year legacy of K2’s predecessor, V-DOSC – we knew that getting in on the ground floor of this new system with such a stellar pedigree was absolutely the right choice for us and our client base."

Thunder Audio president Tony Villarreal added: "With its compact profile, surprisingly light weight and exceptional horsepower, K2 is perfect for so many of our customers – from corporate to touring to theatrical. And, of course, the sound is absolutely phenomenal. We A/B-ed it with the other four systems in our inventory and felt that it shined above and beyond anything else. We really have a sense that this is very quickly going to become the number one requested box on the market, and we’re so confident in that fact that we’ve already put in a purchase order for an additional 48 K2 for early next year."

The company also plans to upgrade to K1 in the future. "In addition to being terrific as a standalone system, K2 is also a great stepping stone for us potentially getting into K1," Owen revealed. "It would make a lot of sense for us to be able to repurpose our K2 arrays as side hangs on a stadium-sized rig, which is one of the big reasons that we began looking into it in the first place. We’ve had some prior clients that have requested L-Acoustics in the past, and with K2–and eventually K1, perhaps – we’ll be in a position to give them both the service that has been our hallmark and the systems that they’re looking for."

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