Tileyard Connected: Dolby Atmos Mixing Discussion

As part of the the latest Tileyard Connected event, you can join the team from Dolby and Atmos Music mix engineers based at Tileyard as they share their knowledge, thoughts, and views on the immersive platform. The panellists discuss the evolution of Atmos in music, and the possibilities that the format offers for engineers and listeners alike and share tips & tricks. The conversation will dive deep into the Atmos Music mixing process, from the studio setup to the techniques used to take your ordinary listening experience into a new dimension.

Tileyard Connected is a platform for thought leaders, tastemakers, game-changers and hitmakers of the creative industries to discuss topical themes based on their contribution and experience across a selection of carefully curated online events. The events reflect the power of collaboration which is the foundation Tileyard was built upon.

The event takes place on Wednesday 30th November between 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM. Details here: Tileyard Connected