TM Audio selects Powersoft X Series for new Dutch music venue

A mid-19th century industrial building in the Dutch city of Leiden has been converted into a new live music venue equipped with Powersoft X Series amplifiers.

TM Audio won a competitive tender to supply audio and visual gear, and overseeing the technology in-house is the experienced Bart van der Smissen, assisted by freelance engineer, Martijn De Jong, while TM Audio’s project manager was Rudolf Nagtzaam.

Nagtzaam ensured that TM Audio would become one of the first companies in Europe to utilise Powersoft’s new X series of Dante-supporting four and eight-channel (X4 and X8) amplifiers, which actively drive all the Martin Audio line array loudspeakers and recessed ground-mounted subs.

Originally the Powersoft Ottocanali and Duecanali modules had been written into the spec, but this was quickly upgraded when the X Series was released.

As well as its advanced DSP capabilities, the new platform also incorporates a new system of channel routing and a universal three-phase, single-phase or bi-phase power supply.

“Without the X Series the rack would have been completely filled with amplifiers. These are really powerful – they support Dante and we can do full system monitoring via Armonía,” said Nagtzaam.

The TM Audio man added that the new software version of Armonía would provide additional functionality. “It enables you set up a dedicated private network and once the settings are good you just lock it off,” he stated.

An X8 is assigned to each of the two speaker clusters, while there is also an X4 for infills. The Synco floor monitors will also be X Series-powered, although their own dedicated controller will handle the processing.

The venue will host stand-up comedians, and, as you would expect in a town from which trance guru Armin van Buuren originates, there is a strong DJ/dance music culture. Separate presets are therefore required for both conventional auditorium concert and dance nights. Settings will be locked away within the Powersoft environment but a separate X8 will be made available for visiting sound engineers.

To provide incoming production with maximum flexibility there is a large patchbay and multiple tie-lines, with provision for analogue multi cabling and tie-lines between the two rooms.

IMd Consulting Engineers, who designed the main structure of the new venue, while contractors Du Prie Construction & Development carried out the implementation.