Ton Groen to head up new Coda Audio Deutschland

Coda Audio has appointed Ton Groen as managing director of the newly-created Coda Audio Deutschland GmbH.

A talented musician with strong technical skills, Groen has developed a highly respected career in audio sales and marketing through more than 30 years experience in the music industry, working for companies such as Meyer Sound and RCF.

When the business landscape of Coda’s German distributor Audiovation changed, the decision was taken to set up Coda Audio Deutschland, a new wholly-owned subsidiary of the Coda Audio Group, to take care of sales and distribution into the German market. The new company will operate from Coda’s headquarters in Hannover and will enjoy extended resources in order to deliver continued customer support.

"To have appointed Ton to set up and oversee Coda Audio Deutschland is a real coup,” said Paul Ward, Coda’s sales and marketing director. “Ton is a trusted, well connected professional with experience at the very highest levels of the industry, making him the ideal choice for the role. He is widely recognised as a brilliant sales and marketing specialist as well as a very talented musician and producer. Combining Ton’s empathy for the application of audio technologies with his flair for business can only yield great results."

Commenting on his appointment, Groen added: “The systems are, quite simply, fantastic. When I spoke with Paul Ward it was apparent that the chance to set up Coda Audio Deutschland to grow and develop the brand in such an important market was too good to miss. The role draws together so many aspects of my industry experience, it really is a perfect position."