Tonmeistertagung conference closes to success

When the Tonmeistertagung moved to the Congress-Centrum Nord in Cologne at the heart of a lively and diverse media environment, the organisers of the traditional pro-audio convention were faced with an unanticipated surge in visitors (80% more than in Leipzig in 2010). This year, VDT responded to the increase in attendance by redesigning the layout of the convention; this new layout permitted the premises of about 1,800 square meters to also satisfy the demand for more exhibition areas. 133 exhibitors with a total of 221 brands and sub-exhibitors presented new products in contemporary technologies in Cologne.

"Attendance to the Tonmeistertagung was at 5,570 and on a par with the 5,735 in 2012," Carlos Albrecht, president of the VDT noted, adding that, "our new layout was an excellent response to the throng of visitors."

The congress program this year offered 189 professionally substantiated contributions: 97 lectures, 52 workshops in elaborate and acoustically well-treated rooms with surround and 3D audio installations, 10 round table discussions on current topics, and 26 poster presentations from the fields of science, engineering and development. This plethora of contributions was thematically grouped into sessions which shed light on contemporary aspects such as network audio, mastering, loudness normalisation and 3D audio.

VDT also bestowed a number of awards underscoring the association’s successful endeavours in recent years. The VDT’s Medals of Honor were presented to sound mixer Wolfgang Hirschmann and Professor Dr. Ing. Jens Blauert for their outstanding contributions to the pro audio industry. Another memorable occasion was the conferment of the Golden Bobby for high-quality production in a number of categories. The virtuoso performance of the Federal jazz orchestra BuJazzO during the traditional get together in the evening spelled a special congress highlight.

Despite a heady congress program, a lot of visitors to the Tonmeistertagung come especially to see its extensive product exhibition. They were likewise met with a variety of choice, as exhibitors showcased their products from nearly all shades of the technology spectrum, which extended from production and broadcast desks to the growing integration of DAW systems with controllers in all areas of production to the measurement, management and transmission of digital signals. The perennial topics of audio networks, loudness metering and normalisation, and 3D audio also played a prominent role, as did conventional topics such as microphones and loudspeakers as well as aesthetic sound design and room acoustics.

The next Tonmeistertagung will take place once again at the Congress-Centrum Nord in Cologne, and will run from 24 to 27 November 2016.