Tracktion 5 announced

Following the re-launch of the Tracktion Software brand in early 2013, Seattle-based TSC has released Tracktion Version 5 (T5). The recording application is now available for download from for upgrades or new licenses. The software operates on Mac, PC, and Linux systems.

“Our intention from the start has been to enable rapid capture and manipulation of musical ideas,” explained Julian Storer, Tracktion creator and co-founder of TSC. “To that end, Tracktion 5 eliminates barriers to the creative flow as it solves a number of problems that have long plagued the multi-track recording process.”

The need to create sub-mixes in order to free-up resources for additional tracks is now eliminated by T5’s ‘Edit Clip’ format. This allows users to embed multi-track material as if it were a single audio clip – while allowing the source material to be edited.

T5 introduces a full-blown System Resource Manager and ‘Freeze Point’ technology. This gives the user control over which session elements should be automatically pre-rendered, so that they can reduce CPU load while retaining mixing/editing flexibility. The result is surprisingly low latency playback regardless of session size.

T5 includes a greatly enhanced set of MIDI capabilities. Creating beats with any of your plug-ins is easy with a new ‘Step Sequencer Clip’ that can be viewed and edited in the timeline like any other clip. The piano-roll editor has also been overhauled to include new features such as ‘Per-note Automation’ and ‘MIDI Learn’ for integration with hardware controllers. There is also support for next-generation instruments such as ROLI’s Seaboard with MDC (multi-dimensional control).

Tracktion 5 has hundreds of new features – including ARA integration for Celemony Software’s Melodyne, rapid audio comping, and track presets.