Tracktion abyss

Tracktion launches Abyss visual synth plugin

Tracktion Software has unveiled Abyss, a visual synthesiser plugin that represents timbres as colours. 

With this tone colour workflow, Abyss is designed to be used as a virtual instrument that focuses on the ‘art’ rather than the numbers.

The synth offers more than 2,000 sound colours as building blocks for patches, and each sound colour can be modified with spectral processing. Users can define the basic timbral dimension of their sound by placing their chosen tints or shades on a central tone gradient.

Created by mathematician, AI veteran and musician Peter V, the Abyss sound engine is designed to offer the flexibility of a classical synth combined with rich textures and a natural rainbow of sounds.

Tracktion AbyssTracktion hopes that this will help musicians and producers to easily shape tone colours in completely new ways, enabling them to explore fresh new sonic possibilities.

Abyss includes classic modulators, two ADSRs and three LFOs, two of which can be used as a step sequencer. The synth offers 13 modulators with 23 destinations while a unique ‘stereo’ modifier enables users to skew most parameters differently for the left and right channel.

The visual synth plugin also offers Shimmer, Delay, Reverb and Phaser sound effects.

Abyss is available as AU/VST3 formats for both Mac and Windows, with an introductory price of $77.40, and a regular price of $129.

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