Transmutator crossfade plugin banishes boring song transitions

Indie development teams federation United Plugins has released Transmutator, a crossfading plugin to transition between tracks, song parts, or whole songs.

Designed to replace the standard DAW crossfade, Transmutator offers a variety of more creative options, including transitioning between different sections in tracks (from verse to chorus or build-up to drop, for example), mixing between two songs (such as in a DJ set), or sound design (by fusing and morphing two elements together in various ways). 

The Transmutator plug-in uses 64-bit processing and can capably handle any sampling rate up to 192 kHz.

Integral to Transmutator’s easy-to-use GUI is a large ‘mix dial’ that transitions from input A (track input) to input B (side-chain input) using one of 16 modes:

Filter (applies a high-pass filter to input A and a low-pass filter to input B); Spectrum (uses spectral processing to separate the tonal and noise elements from the inputs); Morph (uses an advanced spectral algorithm to blend the two inputs); Stereo (splits the inputs into their mid and side components); Pan (splits the inputs into their left and right components); Transients (splits the inputs into their transient and tail components); Dynamics (splits the inputs into their quiet (below the threshold) and loud (above the threshold) components); Follow (measures the amplitude shape of both inputs); Liquid (splits the inputs into 64 spectral bands); Multi (splits the inputs into 6 frequency bands); Diffuse (uses spectral processing to create random variations in each frequency); Wash (uses reverb to make input A seem to get further away as input B gets closer); Blur (uses spectral freezing and blurring); Pitch (uses pitch shifting to slide up or down by two octaves); Shift (uses frequency shifting to slide up or down by 1,000 Hz); and Degrade (uses digital distortion to degrade the audio creatively).

Changing the behaviour of each mode is within easy (photorealistic) reach, by simply switching the Invert parameter to the On position.

Users can automate the mix control in the host DAW to progress from verse to chorus or build-up to drop with Transmutator taking care of quickly creating clever transitions to take music productions to the next level. Also on hand is a Dry / Wet slider which blends between a traditional volume crossfader and full-on sonic mangling.