‘Tremendous turnout’ at Adamson’s first UK demo event

A wide range of industry professionals attended the first ever UK demo of Adamson’s loudspeaker systems last week, according to the manufacturer’s UK partner The Warehouse Sound Services, which hosted the day-long event.

Visitors were able to check out demonstrations of Adamson’s E15 and S10 loudspeaker systems held in Fly By Nite’s bespoke arena-sized rehearsal space for touring bands in Redditch.

Earlier this year, The Warehouse was named the sole UK distributor for Adamson. Already one of the largest suppliers of Pro Audio equipment in the UK, The Warehouse opened a third branch in the North of England together with sales and support based in London to support Adamson’s UK growth.

Over the last few months The Warehouse has invested heavily in Adamson E15 line arrays with E119 subs, S10 line arrays and the S119 compact subwoofers, dedicated amplifier racks fitted with Lab.Gruppen 20K44 amplifiers and substantial quantities of Point and Point Concentric speaker systems. The demo provided audio professionals from across the UK the first ever opportunity to witness the capabilities of the Adamson System.

Jochen Sommer, Adamson’s director of European operations, presented the E15 to the attendees. E15 Line Array featured at most European festivals during the summer of 2016 and is fast becoming the most talked about large format system by some of the world’s most respected FOH engineers.

Jasper Ravesteijn, Adamson’s European sales manager followed with a demonstration of the S10, a two-way, full range, sub-compact line array enclosure ideal for arenas, theatres, churches and dance clubs, as well as outdoor festivals. The system was powered by Lab.gruppen 20K44 amplifiers which were also being demonstrated by Adamson during the event.

A diverse range of audio guests attended the event including audio rental companies, venue owners, theatre companies, installation companies, music and event promoters and sound engineers.

Craig Buckley, Adamson brand manager for the Warehouse Sound Services, commented: “We had a tremendous turnout with many sound engineers and audio professionals extremely impressed with the Adamson system. Everyone was amazed by the clean, rich and powerful sound.”

“We were delighted to have such a strong attendance at the event,” added Derek Blair, director of the Warehouse. “The audio professionals in attendance were extremely impressed with the S10’s blend of performance, footprint and pricing and equally impressed by the flexibility and sheer sonic capabilities of the E15.”