TSL Surrounds SoundField

TSL Professional Products has acquired SoundField Ltd, and has the new SoundField DSF-B Digital Broadcast Surround Microphone package on its stand at BVE in London from 26th-28th February.

The DSF-B digital broadcast package provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes of large-scale outside broadcast events such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues. It removes the need for multiple arrays, generating multi-channel audio from a single point source. It offers downmix compatibility with mono or stereo. The microphone parameters are controlled remotely, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and rotation. The package consists of a DSF-2 microphone, DSF-2 controller, and DSF-3 processor. Also available is the DSF-3 Control app, which offers additional features including snap/tilt, where the rear and front surround axis can be individually tilted to focus on sound sources above or below the microphone. It also offers variable polar patterns and zoom control.

New TSL products include the SAM1-3GM audio monitor, which features a 20 channel bargraph display of selected input channels; scroll to hear channel selection; channel format selector for mono, stereo or 5.1 pairs; and instantaneous downmixing of surround sources for stereo compatibility. Also available is the new and enhanced Monitor Plus range, with the new MPA1-3G which features a single HD-SDI input and autosensing; and the enhanced MPA1-ASB+/ASC+ dual stereo or eight input versions.