Turbosound delivers audio for huge Florida church service

Sound Media supplied a Turbosound Flex Array system for Antioch Church’s annual ‘One Family Church Service’.

The event – held at the Nova University Arena in Davie, Florida – was attended by more than 3,000 worshippers.

Sound Media’s owner and systems engineer Lennox Foster specified a Flex Array arrangement featuring left and right hangs of four TFA-600H three-way line array modules over dual 18-inch subs, along with a centre hang of three Focus TFA-400 constant curve line array boxes.

Eight Flex Array TFA-600H line arrays (each side) were chosen as side fills, while eight NuQ-8DP powered eight-inch loudspeakers acted as front fills.

The primary acoustical problem involved tackling the highly reverberant 4,000-capacity space, which surrounds a compact 70ft x 70 ft arena floor area, Foster said: “Flex Array proved to be the ideal solution with its tightly focused directivity and excellent speech intelligibility.”

“Rigging the clusters from a single point was just great. The angles were set while the boxes were still on the dollies, and they are light enough that we can use a one-ton motor to fly a 16-box cluster. The combination of single point rigging and the lightweight boxes reduces our motor count, and allow us to fly clusters in venues with limited rigging capacity.

“Flying five clusters only took half an hour once the motors were hung and ready to lift. And being able to adjust the angle of the cluster once in the air was an added bonus.

“Our clients are always pleased with the performance of our Turbosound systems. Known for their excellent sound, phase coherency and efficient output, Flex Array’s great pattern control reduces room excitation, resulting in improved articulation and clarity.”

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