Turbosound leads audio refit of Singapore’s Aquanova

Singapore’s high-end restaurant bar Aquanova has undergone a full audio refit, with the installation of a new sound system comprising a number of Turbosound loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Featuring regular live pop and rock performances by John Molina & Krueger, the classy dining venue saw Turbosound’s Singaporean distributor Consolidated Audio Networks supply and install the new system, which comprises ten TCX-12 two-way passive loudspeakers with ten TCX-18B bandpass subwoofers, all powered by RACKDP-50 DSP-based four channel amplifiers.

Self-powered Milan M15s are deployed as drum and keyboard monitors, and Impact65T injection-moulded architectural speakers provide the required ambience in the VIP areas.

Head of Music / Technical Mr Josh M. commented: "Turbosound’s TCX series won hands down. The passive TCX boxes produce a very good tonal balance, and that was exactly the kind of sound we were looking for in Aquanova. The RACKDP-50 amplifiers were a plus with their built-in DSP platform – that facility gives exactly the correct level of control only to the qualified audio staff, and no-one else, in order to maintain the system’s integrity and sonic quality at all times. The boxes sound amazing."

A last-minute design change to the stage placement meant that a re-think was required on the part of the CAN crew, and involved some experimentation in pairing the TCX-18B subwoofers for the best bass response, but Mr Josh M. stated his satisfaction at the result: "We’ve been very happy with the extra time and effort Chad Batchelor and his crew have put in, and for taking the time to patiently and expertly tune and align the system to be so perfect."