Turbosound’s Blackwood: ‘Music Group is a force to be reckoned with’

With news of Music Group’s acquisition of Turbosound still sending shockwaves through the industry, Simon Blackwood speaks to Audio Pro International about the future of the company under Uli Behringer’s “powerhouse.”

It’s been almost three years since Music Group rocked the industry with the announcement of its purchase of high-end console manufactures Midas and Klark Teknik; a move, which clearly outlined Behringer’s ambitions to tackle the industry head on. Since then, the Group has bided its time and closely assessed the market in order to ensure that its next investment would send a clear message to the rest of the industry, whilst also providing the ideal counterpart to its famous mixing console brands.

So, what does such an acquisition mean to a brand like Turbosound? “Make no mistake, this is a massive opportunity for our brand, our company, and our clients, and it signals the intent that the Music Group has for the professional market,” explains Blackwood. “As part of the Music Group we intend to be a major force in the loudspeaker market, and now we have a massive resource base to make our ambitions reality.

“We’ve been acquired for our success, as evidenced by our third Queen’s Award – this year for Innovation – in recognition of the inspirational designs we’ve deployed in Flex Array, the TCS series, and most recently the large scale Flashline line array system. We’ve had three record years of revenues, and we can only have achieved this by all stakeholders in our business working together in a relentless and focused way.”

He is also hugely excited by the prospect of the company’s potential to lead the market, with the Group’s investment in Midas and KT providing adequate proof of its capabilities. “Uli Behringer invested a lot of money in KT and Midas, which enabled them to go forward and lead the market, and he has plans to do the same for Turbosound. Music Group is an absolute powerhouse and already a force to be reckoned with in our industry. We can see that Uli has a clear vision – he’s resourced it and he leads it relentlessly. We’ll benefit in almost all areas of our business as we’ll have the resource base to step up to a new benchmark in performance, and we’re up for it.
Our distributors and end clients will see the fruits of this almost immediately; we’re now part of the most exciting force for change the industry has seen in recent years.”

Turbosound aside, Blackwood also sees the continued expansion of the Group as something that will ultimately benefit the pro audio industry as a whole. He comments: “We’re excited by this expansion, and the industry will only benefit from the new challenges we’ll present to our competitors, as we believe competition can only be a positive thing.

He concludes: “As you can imagine we’ve got a lot to do to integrate our company into the Music Group – we’ll do this in a sensitive manner, never losing sight of the fact that at the end of the day our customers will judge us by what we do. Our brand will truly get turbocharged!”

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