UDO Audio debuts SUPER 6 analogue-hybrid synthesiser

UDO Audio has released the SUPER 6, a 12 voice Polyphonic binaural analogue-hybrid synthesiser with Super-Wave technology.

Heralded as a new take on the traditional analogue synthesizer, the brand’s inaugural release boasts some unique sound features, including state-of-the-art FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) digital hardware oscillators coupled with analogue filters and amplifiers, while its unique Super-Wave core can be shaped and manipulated courtesy of a binaural analogue signal path and flexible modulation. 

In binaural mode, the SUPER 6 features a stereo path in which its 12 voices are twinned to form six ‘Super’ voices.  

Parameters of both channels of each Super voice can be controlled independently, allowing sound to move from subtle to extreme stereo, with an enhanced sense of spatial positioning relative to conventional monaural signal chains panned at their output. The binaural mode can be disabled for 12-voice polyphony.

The mechanical design is courtesy of Axel Hartmann, responsible for the look and feel of classic instruments from Arturia, Moog, and Waldorf.

Purposely designed without a screen, all of the SUPER 6’s primary controls and 128 (rewritable) patches are accessible directly from the front panel. The SUPER 6 can also respond to incoming MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) messages sent by an MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) controller via an individual MIDI channel per note.

“The result of years of hard work and many iterations of development, my mission with the SUPER 6 has been to harmonise what I love about archetypal electronic instrument design with modern, novel synthesis technologies that excel at generating spatially dynamic results,” says UDO Audio’s George Hearn. 

“The architecture leverages the vibrancy of a true-stereo analogue signal path, driving it with extremely high sample rate, spectrally versatile digital audio, and presents you with straightforward, expressive controls of superior mechanical build quality. I would love to see this instrument with the wear and tear of many years of use. Experiment, play, learn, and, hopefully, love it like we do!” 

The SUPER 6 is available in both black or blue colour configurations, priced at £2,295. Distribution is via Hand in Hand Distribution in the UK and Alex4 Distribution in Europe.