Uniline system arrives in Russia

APG has announced the shipment of the first Uniline compact line array system to Russia, courtesy of APG’s distributor in southern Russia, Yugdoka.

Yugdoka has recently taken delivery of eight UL210 and six UL115B cabinets along with an inventory of eight DX12 multipurpose monitor speakers. As long-term customers and distributor of APG, Yugdoka already owns an APG Matrix system complete with TB subs, forming part of their rental inventory. As a distributor, they have also sold a number of APG systems of varying types into Russian clubs and theatres.

APG’s Xavier Pion commented on their first Uniline purchase: “The team at Yugdoka is already very familiar with many APG products, and the Matrix system in particular. In fact, their system engineer, Andrei Sichev, can be considered as something of a Matrix expert. However, although they had been considering Uniline for a while, they had yet to take the plunge. I’m pleased to report that the first step has now been taken and Yugdoka has ordered a system which they will be using for demo purposes and to which they are intending to add more boxes in the near future. They’ve also taken no less than twelve DX12s for rental stock and demos, so they now have a full complement of “new generation” product to present to the market.”

“We are very committed to APG in Russia and we have done some good work with their products over the years,” commented Yugdoka’s owner, Alexander Kharchenko. “The quality of their equipment has always been excellent, both acoustically and in terms of build quality. Uniline is their flagship “new generation” product so we are delighted to be the first to bring this system into Russia. If it does as well as the rest of their range, then I am looking forward to doing some good business with Uniline. We hope that it is also a first step in introducing the “Uniline Solution” into Russia to enable collaboration on major events.”