United Recording announces new mastering division

United Recording has unveiled a new mastering division in a specially designed acoustic space which was formerly the home of JVC’s mastering suite.

The new studio – announced by studio manager Robin Goodchild – features Lipinski L700A monitoring with JL Audio Fathom subwoofers, along with a wide selection of popular headphones and earbuds.

For computer playback and recording, the studio utilises the SADiE system running Prism Sound’s latest SADiE 6.1 audio recording and editing software across its mastering platform. Analogue processing includes the Pendulum ES-8 Compressor, Dave Hill Titan Compressor/Limiters, SPL Passeq, Manley Massive Passive EQ Mastering Version, and Sontec Mastering EQ.

United was founded in 1957 by recording engineer, studio designer and electronics inventor Bill Putnam and mastering is a key element of the studio’s heritage.

"Mastering was always a key aspect of Bill’s predominance in the recording studio world," says Goodchild. "We are simply bringing it back as a convenience to our clients, but also as a reimagined service operating in today’s Internet world market."

Acoustic design for the new suite was provided by Hanson Hsu and his team at Delta Design. "United Mastering wanted a truly life-like realistic acoustic experience, predicating the use of ZR Acoustics(r)," explained Hsu. "Using strategically positioned ZR Micro Twins, SR24+’s and SR12+’s in a custom design layout (CDL), the primary, first reflection off the front wall was quantised, creating spherical dimensionality while elegantly matching the existing decor."

Joe Harley, SVP at AudioQuest, provided high-performance cabling for the new suite.

United’s new mastering engineers are Erick Labson and Warren Sokol, formerly with Universal Mastering. Their combined discographies include decades of major albums from top artists in virtually all musical genres.

"I’m very excited to join the team at United," said Sokol, "and am honoured to be bringing mastering services back to such a historic studio."

(Pictured L-R: Studio manager Rob Goodchild, executive consultant Steven Miller, and mastering engineers Warren Sokol and Erick Labson)