Unity Audio debuts Rock MK-III 2 way active monitor

Unity Audio have updated their 2 way active near-field Rock monitor with the release of the new MK-III model.

The Rock MK-III retains many key features and the overall sonic footprint of the previous MK-II model. One key factor is the original Tim De Paravicini SP64 input/crossover which is still used, albeit modified to accommodate other changes in the new model. The integral 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter is also still present.

The key changes on the MK-III include the new replacement Crystal Membrane 180mm woofer and the amplification. The new woofer is the same physical size as the previous MK-II, but electronically and mechanically ‘far superior.’

The 180mm woofer cone is manufactured with the same sandwich AS technology: a paper cone to which a special aluminium foil is glued with enhanced acoustic characteristics, lesser distortion, improved dynamics and higher SPL capabilities.

This stamping stiffens the aluminium dome considerably which diminishes the membrane-internal resonances resulting in less sound coloration. The unconventional voice coil mounting results in the expansion of the transmission range of the woofers by nearly an octave. Due to the specially wide double asymmetrical (‘DAS’) rubber surround, the Rocks new woofer can handle up to ±15mm excursion. The Mk-III model also now uses an efficient Class D amplifier with a combined output of 360 watts per cabinet.

The Unity Audio Rock MK-III is available now at £2,144.00 a pair ex VAT / $2,938.00 a pair ex tax.