University of Winchester installs Unity Audio 5.1 surround system

Unity Audio has installed Rock MKII monitors and Avalanche sub-woofers at the University of Winchester as part of its expansion of the facilities at the School of Media and Film.

The new sound recording and post production facilities were created by studio designers Veale Associates. Richard Liggins, technical manager at VA, said: “Unity’s reputation for building great sounding speakers was an easy choice. We chose to install Unity Audio Rock MKII monitors and the Avalanche sub for a number of reasons, foremost of which is their forensic honesty and accuracy of sound-stage, a vital component of any 5.1 mix system, placing sounds in a surround field is a delicate business and the Rocks make that process easier.

“As a mix monitor the Rocks offer a good balance between accuracy and musicality, and they provide a reliable and effective platform that invites a more adventurous approach to recording and mixing” continued Liggins. “Students in particular find them to be a fine learning system as the clarity and accuracy reveal the details of tutor-led technique classes very well.”

Niall Thomas, lecturer in music production at Winchester University, added: “The University chose Unity Audio Rocks for both recording studios, as part of a nearfield and 5.1 surround setup, due to their reputation of being incredibly accurate and unforgivingly honest. The equipment allows our students to be critical about the sound they are producing from day one and confident they are making informed decisions at every stage of a project. 

"The BA (Hons) Music and Sound Production, and BA (Hons) Music Production and Performance courses at Winchester provide students with the opportunity to learn in industry standard facilities and be taught by industry practitioners. The programme embraces a practical approach to learning with a balance of in‐situ workshops and lectures, promoting aural and kinaesthetic learning styles. Our Unity monitors help us deliver this unique blend of learning experiences. We could not be happier with the choice!”

The Rock uses a 50KHz folded ribbon tweeter and the 180mm woofer features a 0.2mm aluminum foil. The combination of drivers delivers a frequency response of 37Hz-38kHz +/- 3db and provides a microscopic view into any sound source.

The Avalanche active sub-woofer is designed to transform the Rock monitors into full range 3-way systems, extending their low frequency performance down to 22Hz and increasing the SPL figure. It is also an ideal 2.1 or 5.1 partner in a surround-sound setup.