US studio first to install Neve Genesys and Genesys Black

The Music Group, a newly-remodelled studio in Edmond, Oklahoma has invested in Neve Genesys and Neve Genesys Black consoles for its tenth anniversary.

Vintage King provided the equipment package for the facility, which is the first in the world to install both desks.

"We picked the large-format Neve Genesys for our A studio, a perfect fit because it’s geared toward large-scale tracking and mixing," explained producer/engineer and studio co-owner Chris Freels. "I grew up on 2in tape and large-format desks and I wanted to have that feeling here. Our B studio has the Neve Genesys Black, which is our ProTools overdub studio with a signal path geared more towards DAW projects."

The studio’s other co-owner, LG Hamilton, added: "Neve has always been a trusted brand and Ryan McGuire at Vintage King basically guided us through the options and after looking around it was natural for us to narrow it down to those particular desks. He also helped us in picking out our new Burl AD/DA converters and Shadow Hills mastering compressor."

In 2005, two successful Oklahoma studios, West 2nd Recording and Hamilton House Studio D merged to form what is now The Music Group. The new three-studio recording facility was constructed from the ground up and designed by George Newburn of Studio 440 in Hollywood, California.

"We do traditional album projects for independent artists and major labels, we do advertising work, film soundtracks — a little bit of everything," explained Freels. "Each of us here works a little bit differently and the Neve consoles are perfect for our various projects and workflows. There’s not another studio in the region that’s equipped like this and we wanted to have the highest sonic standards possible."

Picture (L-R): Chris Freels, LG Hamilton, studio manager Addie Rice and staff engineer/chief tech Bryce Zabric.