Vertec joins Hadouken! on stage

UK electronic band Hadouken! performed a headline show at the Ministry of Sound Club using a JBL VT4886 and VT4883 sub compact Vertec line array.

The system used in the show was comprised of two hangs of five JBL VT4886 sub compact line array elements with three ground-stacked VT4883 subs per side, providing quality output and predictable coverage capabilities in a compact piece of kit.

Powering the system was the Crown iTech 12000HD power amplifiers housed within three Crown V-Racks.

"A Hadouken! show is never a gentle matter when it comes to audio, so a showcase gig for the label on which the band is about to release its new album was going to be a tough call for any PA system, especially when you consider the truly monstrous in-house club system that frequenters of the Ministry of Sound are familiar with.” Says Darius Kedros, FoH engineer for Hadouken!

“Happily the JBL sub compact VERTEC system that was brought in for the show was more than up to the job. The mid-high enclosures sounded great, with plenty of detail, and the subs definitely kicked, being both weighty and tight sounding.”

The gig also made use of the venue’s in-house Soundcraft Si2 console and AKG DMS700 digital wireless system and lead singer James Smith performed clutching the DHT700 handheld transmitter.